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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

PCCare247 Keeps Up with Its Success Trail by Becoming a Certified AVG Gold Reseller

PCCare247 offers its clients the much needed security and protection from malware with AVG brand of antivirus, becoming AVG Gold Reseller.

September 11, 2012: PCCare247 a stellar entity in the world of on demand tech support achieved another milestone in its illustrious journey by becoming a certified AVG Gold reseller. The World’s fourth largest and most trusted antivirus brand working towards not only pre-empting but combating a horde of web threats like Viruses, Bugs, Trojans, cyber-scams and hackers.  

PCCare247 Authorized AVG Gold Reseller
With AVG Technologies working  to offer a comprehensive range of security solutions, from standalone anti-virus, anti-spyware to all-in-one internet security suites to network solutions for Windows operating systems. In fact, it would be only right to say Clients have on their hand security solutions which are not only easy to install and support but are at the same instance extremely user-friendly.

Speaking on the development, a senior official from PCCare247 said, “Partnering with AVG and becoming a certified Gold reseller for the firm enables us to offer our clients an award-winning family of security software solutions. AVG has a portfolio of products which are not only easy to sell, install and support, but also at the same time are user-friendly, providing clients with Internet security protection they can always trust, without really ever sacrificing system performance.”

All the more to go ahead and further contribute to the same endeavor, PCCare247 works to offers a slew of AVG centric web and online security solutions to a huge clientele scattered all across the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The entity works to deliver a range of security solutions to clients not only in the shortest time span possible but that too all at a moment’s notice. Working towards not only keeping all threats at bay but also rather ensuring a PC remains in the pink of health at all times no matter what.     

About PCCare247: PCCare247 is a global on-demand services company working to provide personalized computer support for consumers and small businesses across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. With a proven global expertise delivery model and intelligent customer insight systems, easy-to-use self-help tools, automated PC optimization and computer support services, PCCare247 works very hard to keep all its clients and small businesses protected and productive 24x7.

For further information please log on to http://www.pccare247.com/antivirus-support/avg-support.html

Or alternatively, get in touch with the company at:

Office No. 3, 6th Floor,
DLF Cybercity, Building No. 14B
Phone: +91-124-4655200
Fax: +91-124-4655299

600 Mamaroneck Avenue
Suite 400 PMB # 400-18, Harrison
NY 10528
Phone: +1-888-291-2867
Fax: +1-516-908-4908
E-mail: contact@pccare247.com
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Friday, 7 September 2012

How To Install a Bluetooth Enabled Keyboard to a Laptop?

For those who possess a Bluetooth-enabled laptop, the idea of using an external Bluetooth keyboard alongside with it would never ever seem a farfetched notion. For, at the end of the day not only is it comfortable to use but it can also be carried around easily. Here is how you could go on and install a Bluetooth keyboard to a laptop.

Step 1: Check whether your laptop is Bluetooth-enabled. You can do this on your own or else consult your dealer for information
Step 2: Find out whether your keyboard supports Bluetooth 2.0 or a higher technology
Step 3: Install Bluetooth driven software or drivers in case if your laptop doesn't come pre-installed with them
Step 4: Activate your Bluetooth keyboard by inserting batteries into it or by switching on the wireless button
Step 5: Finish the installation by using a hardware installation wizard. In a majority of operating systems the device is automatically installed as soon as you connect it with the PC
Step 7: Turn the Bluetooth option on your keyboard. This will enable the keyboard to detect the laptop.
Step 8: Do a right-click on the Keyboard icon on your screen and select the 'Pair Device' option. Once successfully paired, the Bluetooth keyboard is ready for use.

If you still not able to do this stuff than get professional help for Laptop Technical Support. Call to PCCare247 at +1-855-877-5848 toll free number. http://www.pccare247.com/computer-optimization/laptop-support.html
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Friday, 17 August 2012

PCCare247 Becomes Authorized Reseller of World’s Top Five Antivirus Programs

New York, United State 17 August, 2012:- Adhering to its trajectory of salvaging computer users’ community by providing them complete security against any nominal to severe malware threats, PCCare247 has now signed accord with World’s five most premium Antivirus brands to come to lie as an Authorized Reseller of their Security Products. Ranked high on popularity indices around the world, these big five are Avast, Panda Security, Norton, Total Defense, and AVG.  Above that, patrons can now end-up availing hefty discounts of up to 25% on the purchase of Avast Security Products from PCCare247.

Besides reselling job, PCCare247 also renders complete online technical support for all of these brands to sort out concerns related to their installation, uninstallation, setup, configuration, along with troubleshooting entire portfolio of technical glitches accompanying them.

In the Annual Meeting of the company, one of the Directors of PCCare247 said “Reaching to the tally of reselling five premium Antivirus software is just a beginning, and in coming year 2013, we will be working towards taking this figure to double digits.” After seeing these developments it is well evident that expansion of PCCare247 is in full swing to cater its services to the larger fraction of computer users all over the world. All this is indeed a true sign of PCCare247’s increasing acceptability and popularity in the field of online and onsite technical support.

About PCCare247

PCCare247 is a Third-party Company, which provides online and onsite technical support for computers and its related peripherals. The journey of PCCare247 has started in the year 2009, and since then it has been working towards rescuing computer users battling with different predicaments of their computer systems. And today, PCCare247 renders its services to thousands of customers around the globe, and has all set to become the frontrunner among online technical support providers.

For further details you can log on to http://www.pccare247.com/

Or alternatively, get in touch with the company at:

Office No. 3, 6th Floor,
DLF Cyber City, Building No. 14B,
Gurgaon, Haryana - India
Phone: +91-124-4655200
Fax: +91-124-4655299

600 Mamaroneck Avenue
Suite 400 PMB # 400-18, Harrison
NY 10528
Ph. No. : +1-888-291-2867
Fax No. : +1-516-908-4908
E-Mail: contact@pccare247.com
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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Sort out Sony Vaio Laptop Problems with PCCare247.com

For all those who patronize the Sony Vaio brand, round-the-clock support is nothing but a necessity. And in this case an entity such as PCCare247.com does everything within its scope to ensure the support given out to its clientele is nothing short of cutting-edge.

Yes, quite frankly a Sony Vaio Laptop is a blend of high-end features all amalgamated into a single compact device. In fact, if the word of techno freaks is to be taken seriously, the Sony Vaio quite simply ends up signaling a new trend in entertainment, music and above all an all round functionality. From entertainment to latest technology, every Sony Vaio Laptop has exclusively been designed for the tech savvy users of today. So, taking a good hard look at all such facets, in comes the argument why at any point in time should Sony Vaio laptop support be anything short of exceptional.

Bid Adieu to Sony Vaio Laptop Problems with PCCare247

Sony, considered as a leading brand in consumer electronic products has always been known to bring about a novel experience for its users on every single instance. In existence since 1946, the iconic brand really does not let clients have any second thoughts about the quality of service and the features they would end up availing.

However, just like any other gadget, a Sony Vaio laptop is also free from its own set of issues. A situation wherein again it can be argued clients are bound to face a range of issues in terms of the software being downloaded on a PC or otherwise facing glitches in the applications already installed on a Sony Vaio Laptop. But then again this is exactly where an organization such PCCare247 can end up helping PC get out of a dilemma. For as it ends up the case the support so given out by experts at PCCare247 ends up being the ideal answer. Possessing an in-depth knowledge and vision the experts are always willing to come out with solution which would not only offer clients complete satisfaction but give them solutions to a an issue on hand for times to come.

Why to opt for PCCare247?

A fast machine not only boasting of flawless performance, the VAIO from Sony has been built keeping in mind the latest style, state-of-the-art technology and complete functions in mind which are considered to be pivotal in order a run Laptop. Pushing the boundaries of technology, the Sony Vaio has for sure become a leading name in the laptop industry. Preferred by people from all age group, it is a  gadget which is preferred by PC users to accomplish any personal and professional tasks. Thus, keeping all such aspect in mind Sony Laptop support given out by PCCare247 is nothing short of exemplary. 

The team of Microsoft-Certified techies at PCCare247 give instant solutions which on more than one instance end up being the saving grace. Using mediums such as remote session, chat and email all care is taken towards ensuring issues are resolved in shortest time span possible. Further, due importance is given to tenets such as affordability, round-the-clock availability and vision to ensure all issues are resolved as and when they tend to surface.

PCCare247’s Services Portfolio at a Glance
·         Troubleshooting software errors.
·         Updating drivers and security to protect against online threats.
·         Connecting to the Internet, devices and peripherals.
·         Optimizing your PC’s speed and performance.
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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sony Vaio Laptop Support by Eminent Tech Support Companies

Are you struggling with your Sony Vaio Laptop? Is it becoming more of an uphill task to find a solution to the issues on hand is?
Sony Vaio brand of laptops are preferred by computer lovers all across the globe. Renowned for their high-end quality and unique features, it really springs no surprise as to why every Sony Vaio brand of laptop ends up being the perfect gadget for those who intend to introduce maximum efficiency in their work. Then again really of no consequence whatsoever; whether one has the intention to use the gadget for residential or commercial purposes. For, at the end of the day all said and done, ‘The sole aim is to only provide PC lovers with the most cost-effective and high performance laptop belonging to the Sony Vaio stable’.   

Wave-off your Sony Vaio Laptop Problems Away

At PCCare247, the objective is to always understand the requirements of our clientele and accordingly provide it with the best possible technical support and help services. And taking this aspect into account the Sony Vaio Tech Support portfolio from the premier tech support entity has a portfolio up sleeve, primarily comprising of:
  • Round-the-clock technical support from experts at cost-effective prices
  • Undertaking the diagnosis and troubleshooting of software related glitches and issues
  • Customization of software as per the requirements of a client
  • Technical support for all Sony Notebooks and Digital Cameras
  • Help and support for the setup and installation of Sony Computers
  • Diagnosis and repair of a Sony Laptop and its associated peripherals
  • Troubleshooting software errors and problems affecting any Sony Vaio Laptop brand
  • Information and support for installation of latest software and drivers for any Sony computers and associated peripherals
  • Help and support to update drivers as well as software

So, all said and done what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and give techies the green signal to remotely access your PC. And once you were to end up doing that from thereon our executives will not only end up diagnosing the issues on hand but at the same instance arrange for their troubleshooting. They will not only lend a helping hand to PC users in installing compatible drivers for their Sony brand of PCs but also ensure they would end up getting the highest grade of protection against threats such as Viruses, Bugs and Trojans. 

Consigning all Sony Vaio Laptop Problems to the Backburner

At PCCare247, the gamut of services on offer have been exclusively designed for providing a long lasting fix any issue plaguing a Sony Vaio laptop at the most cost-effective pricing options. Other than that there is gamut of plans on offer for those who want something way beyond the ordinary. So, then again be it related to troubleshooting of software glitches or updation of drivers, one can rest assure that at all times with this Tech Support Company at the helm of affairs, all issues are bound to become a thing of the past.
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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Extraordinary Sony Vaio Support Awaits Computer Lovers - PCCare247.com

Owning a Sony brand of PC in itself is an explicit guarantee that a computer lover user need not bother spending much time on the upkeep of a PC. However, as contrary to expectations sometimes things are bound to go wrong and Sony Vaio support ends up becoming a need of the hour. A case wherein it might be suggested an entity such as PCCare247 and its team of Microsoft-Certified techies end up coming to the rescue time and again. 

Geared to offer Sony Vaio Tech Support as and when the requirement be on a 24x7 basis. Taking it upon them to ensure the Vaio Laptop support so provided ends up in troubleshooting of a majority of errors associated with the Sony’s iconic brand well known as Vaio.

An Iconic Brand – Superlative Service: A flawless match to say the least 
A Sony Vaio laptop ends up being a fast machine which not only boasts of flawless performance but has  been built keeping in mind the latest style, state-of-the-art technology and all such functionalities which are considered as vital to run a Laptop. Pushing the boundaries of technology, the Sony Vaio thus for sure has ended up becoming a leading name in the laptop industry. Preferred by people from all age groups, it is one of those gadgets which is preferred by PC users for accomplishing any personal and professional tasks. Thus, keeping all such aspects in mind Sony Laptop support given out by PCCare247 is nothing short of exemplary. 

And as it further ends up being the case; the team of Microsoft-Certified techies at PCCare247 give instant solutions which tend to be the saving grace under all situations. What’s more, techies also end up using mediums such as remote session, chat and email to ensure all issues are resolved in shortest time span possible. What’s more, at the same instance due importance is also given to tenets such as affordability, round-the-clock availability and vision to ensure issues as and when they arise.

PCCare247’s Services Portfolio

The services so offered by PC Care 247 end up comprising of an extensive portfolio. A one of its kind of services portfolio wherein techies try to:

·         Troubleshoot all sorts of software errors and glitches
·         Taking measures to update drivers and security to provide a great degree of protection against online threats
·         Provide remedial measures in order to connect to the Internet, devices and peripherals
·         Optimizing a PC’s speed and performance by a long way
·         Unlimited access to the greatest virus removal tech support on could ever ask for on a 24x7 basis. Further, the techies also tend to promise the lowest wait-time and highest resolution rate across the industry.
·         Providing the greatest degree of protection against all Vaio desktops, netbooks, laptops, blue screen errors, Windows installation errors, factory setting glitches, restoration and virus removal.
·         Resolving a majority of issues with VAIO Printers including any installation, general troubleshooting and spooling errors.
·         Resolving issues associated with Data storage like wrong drive removal recovery, failed disk replacement and general troubleshooting.
·         Resolution for a majority of server issues inclusive of any restoration related issues, installation based glitches and but of course any sort of general troubleshooting.

PCCare247 is an iconic entity when it comes to providing cutting-edge Sony Laptop Support. The entity home to a team of Microsoft-certified techies always ends up ensuring that all Sony Vaio Laptop problems would be resolved in the shortest time frame possible.
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Friday, 27 July 2012

Get Unmatched Sony Vaio Tech Support with PCCare247

Sony Vaio Tech Support with PCCare247In spite of Sony being counted amongst the most premier electronic brands in the world there is always a likely hood that the brand would end suffering from its own set of issues every now and then. And yes, with the blue-chip brand end up foraying into the global electronic industry under the VAIO brand, there are instances to suggest that the premier brand is not likely to be free from a gamut of issues. i.e. then again not really of any consequence whether they are associated with Sony’s expert brand of Laptops or Desktops.

What PCCare247 strives to offer?
In the world of online technical support, PCCare247 is a premier and renowned tech support entity offering avant-garde technical solutions for the whole range of Sony Vaio computers. Home to an army of proficient techies, the premier entity does all within its prowess to iron out all issues which might end up hampering a PC’s performance. Whether they are issues related to software applications, drivers, security, or hardware issues; the team of certified and highly technically proficient techies tend to ensure PC users would end up experiencing nothing but the highest grade of technical support.

Employing the most advanced system diagnostic tools; the Microsoft-Certified techies strive to ensure all technical issues bothering hapless PC users are rooted out for once and all. A situation where a great range of steps are taken to ensure the esteemed clientele of premier tech entity would have nothing but the most minimal of issues with their Sony Vaio brand of Laptops and Desktops. So, in short all suggestive of the fact that in case you are also amongst those victims who have been hit hard by technical snags associated with a Sony Vaio product, the 24x7 Sony support helpline from PCCare247 would end up doing wonders.
Yes, but of course, for our technicians other than just keeping systems highly optimized would also end up taking steps to configure them as per the requirements of one’s work domain. Considered to be a situation where any one of the mediums such as remote tech support, chat or phone call end up coming in extremely handy to tide over a whole gamut of issues plaguing the Sony Vaio brand.

Sony Vaio Tech Support portfolio of PCCare247 at a glance

Sony Vaio Laptop problems are a thing of the past, since what clients have at their disposal are gamut of services striving to resolve:
  • Sony Vaio Laptop problems in the shortest time span possible
  • A range of issues associated with Sony Vaio brand of products
  • System compatibility issues associated with installation and activation of Sony Vaio brand of products
  • Issues through mediums such as remote sessions, chat and phone
In a nutshell, all that can be said is PCCare247 takes it upon itself to ensure all client issues are resolved in the shortest time span possible as and when the clients end up calling.
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